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2021 Town Council Candidate – From the West Hartford Community Interactive


“I offer my appreciation to all for the past support of my Candidacies and to ask that you once again elect me to represent you on Town Council. With the support and encouragement of those who have voted for me and/or contributed to my previous campaigns, I have maintained my Progressive values and worked effectively to promote and enact an agenda that truly reflects a positive vision for our town. But of course, in public service no one can do anything alone. It is only through teamwork that any of this is possible.”

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Ben W.

“We made it through a crazy year.”

We made it through this crazy year, thanks to deeply involved leadership and collaboration. Our Town responded like few others, handing our masks and food, doing fantastic vaccine outreach, and shifting to an on-line format that let our residents know we were all in this together. We were among the 1st to close down streets for our restaurants, creating an energy and vibrancy I doubt we’ll ever want to give up. Town employees at every level were prepared for the impossible. That I share any role in making that true is truly humbling.

After 4 years of trying, working with my colleagues and town staff, advocacy groups and national experts, I passed one of the strongest Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinances in the state, and then worked to get a similar version passed statewide. It was a necessary first step in an effort to provide more affordable housing options and I look forward to continuing this mission.

We are moving forward with significant environmental action, increasing pedestrian and bike friendly streets and enacting this week a comprehensive and exciting Clean Energy Plan. I led the effort to allow Beekeeping in town and have continued to focus on the solid waste crisis. Though not always the most glamorous topics, these are critically important to our quality of life and our planet.

We made major strides in securing fiscal stability by addressing our underfunded pension (thank you Mayor for your persistence and innovative leadership on this and so many other issues), and we did so not by slashing benefits or using gimmicks, as the other party would do, but with strong and prudent action. We not only expressed our support for racial justice in passing the racism as a public health crisis resolution and a civilian police review board under the leadership of Carol Anderson, but put those good intentions into reality by funding a new diversity, equity and inclusion officer. Coming out of the pandemic, we had the biggest Juneteenth and Pride Celebrations in our history. What a great town we live in!

I’m excited by our efforts to expand services in Elmwood and replace the outdated Community Center. This is a worthy investment in one of our most dynamic neighborhoods.

To conclude, I believe I still have a valuable role to play in protecting and improving West Hartford’s quality of life, our diversity, our educational system, and our sense of community. I hope you will honor me with that opportunity and re-elect me to serve on the West Hartford Town Council in 2021.

Thank you!


Adapted from Request for DTC Endorsement Speech, June 17, 2021



July 20 – 27, 2021

Meet and Greet Fundraiser

August 25, 2021 @ 5PM to 7PM
W/ Special guests include Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill and House Majority Leader Jason Rojas.

Voter Registration Deadline

October 26, 2021

Election Day

In-Person Nov 2, 2021

West Hartford, CT, United States

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